Please, let the crazy run the asylum!

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Jaia Papitz

Please, let the crazy run the asylum!

Who cannot smile, shouldn’t cry. Just be still for a moment and let the lips follow their natural flow. It will end up in a smirk eventually and then, by mid-November, their movement will be just fucking hysterical. And the noise. And the abdominal spasm. Laughter. Unstoppable! A ravenous laughter that would encompass every remaining second.

In this fine first decade and a half of the 21st century, we, the dwellers of the empire have reached a point beyond absurdity. We are just untreatably insane. Dizzy. Continuously. And to blame is the fucking Earth who keeps spinning us until we cannot distinguish between our rectum and our reason.

People are still talking to the invisible man in the sky who guides their life to the trigger. Freedom means the right to kill. That’s our sudden pursuit of happiness: Nuke’em all! If that’s not possible, just build fences, enslave them through the modern jail system and dehumanize everyone via physical and economical torture! Empathy has a pejorative connotation and hate is the new soup the jour. Everyday.

We are ripe for a paradigm shift but unfortunately won’t be brought in by Bernie. He, like Obama, would be just a band-aid over a gangrene. Rapidly swallowed in by the cratering wound. A peace laureate with an appetite for mass slaughter.

Up until recently, I wanted to become a human. To understand, accept, grow and embrace all. Now, I am undressing as fast as I can of that state. Human I struggle not to be hence human is the source of this nefarious absurd.

You are hired! Let this circus acknowledge at last its freaks! 

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