Rapist wanted!

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Jaia Papitz

Rapist wanted!

I would pay top dollar to someone just to obliterate my consciousness. Then, he/she (no sex discrimination here) must perform the task of a complete dismemberment of the thought.

But, why place such an ad when you can elect them, the rapists, for free and after only four perennial years, your empirical experience will be torn, invaluable. Us, the victim and the perpetrator, despair while deceiving. Aware of the facts, we still place the ad and we despise the consequences. A hands-on masturbation of a wooden leg would never create a Pinocchio – just sawdust. Being an undeniable fact, this or that, the oak or the mahogany pillar is rubbed by the liberals like it will bring a climate change in the morning during which the conservatives are still using it as a flag post.

Knowledge is accessible to every one. It's basking at every sight, vulnerable, waiting to be devoured by anyone willing to feast on its great banquet offerings. Desiring that the passers are ravenous for more, greedy as a banker for repeat customers. Unraping its patrons but empowering them, she knows that they'll return for more, addicted to have their questions answered or at least, asked.

After millenniums of self exposing, the knowledge remains like a medieval fortress in the age of supersonic fighter jets.

The Machiavellian buildings, the fetid battlefields, the interest of the loan exist because we just believed we gave life to Pinocchio. We didn't reason for a second nor did we hump the knowledge beauty for a minute.

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