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Please, let the crazy run the asylum!

Who cannot smile, shouldn’t cry. Just be still for a moment and let the lips follow their natural flow. It will end up in a smirk eventually and then, by mid-November, their movement will be just fucking hysterical. And the noise. And the abdominal spasm. Laughter. Unstoppable! A ravenous laughter that would encompass every remaining second.

In this fine first decade and a half of the 21st century, we, the dwellers of the empire have reached a point beyond absurdity. We are just untreatably insane. Dizzy. Continuously. And to blame is the fucking Earth who keeps spinning us until we cannot distinguish between our rectum and our reason.

People are still talking to the invisible man in the sky who guides their life to the trigger. Freedom means the right to kill. That’s our sudden pursuit of happiness: Nuke’em all! If that’s not possible, just build fences, enslave them through the modern jail system and dehumanize everyone via physical and economical torture! Empathy has a pejorative connotation and hate is the new soup the jour. Everyday.

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Zen Nazi

Have you seen those 'Zen Nazi' lately? You know, those who'd rather hug a tree instead of their child (most likely the kid who'll be a candidate to walk in the school with a rifle), be mad about working conditions in China yet enslaving their intern... crying about Bush's wars but endorsing tacitly Obama's Drones & Kinetic Interventions... those who think their lap pet belongs at the car's steering wheel and spume like an epileptic if you let them know politely that the street light has been green for the past several days; those who know that their gerbil has reason & Kant is just an angry female who wants to be called Immanuel.

Yes, those Zen Nazi who tell you to calm down when you are passionate while they reach for antidepressants and immediately begin a zoophiliac behavior with their perfect breed - made in lab dog wanna be.
Cheers to the hicks, Jesus freaks, jihadist & machine gun lovers. A new species entered your discombobulated universe: The Zen Nazi

P.S. Mark, thank you for the term (Zen Nazi)

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Mourning, into the absurd

            Like the powerless gazelle watching its calf being eviscerated ravenously by an insensitive feline, we mourn absurdly the perennial tragedy. Why? What monster could have committed this atrocity?

The mirror’s shards are scattered throughout one’s life, beneath soles and soiled frying pans, reflecting only the chosen glamor. The fiend never revealed himself from the shadows where his reflection was unattainable due to the lack of light. However, its bullets reached the mundane with velocity and gravity was acknowledged for one in the house of everybody’s lord.

The blood was draining into the gutter like the phlegm of a drunken ex union worker. Expelled and exhaled from its habitat without its will. Yesterday, the bullet reached the soul. The cobs were slaughtered before they had a chance to butcher on their own, remotely via a drone. Yet, they might have not.

The gazelle moved on to the next meadow, mating relentlessly while grazing and envisioning a world where the feline didn’t open a chain of grocery stores.

While the drought arose from between the seasons and the milk was enough for only two out of the four offspring.

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