A glimpse through my eyes

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A glimpse through my eyes

Hello To All,
I am  a free style poet , writer and photographer.  My inspiration is LIFE.  I see the world in flowing color and my writing reflects every shade of every degree, from the lightest and brightest to the richest and darkest of hues.  Poetry is my passion along with photography. I have found a way to collaborate my two passions and fused them together. 
I do not use photo shop or other enhancements, I prefer natural view, so as my eyes view through my camera so will you .  I am continuing to learn and grow .  I invite all to come and explore the world through my eyes. 
I have created a profile here "Night Shadow" but you may also find me on myspace @nightshadow25 , but the best place is on facebook in which you can truly see my art of collaborating my love of poetry and photography, it is constantly being updated, as I am ever changing and so is my art.
~Night shadow
My facebook page : www.facebook.com/pages/Night-Shadows-Poetry/300254856865

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