I spread my wings and the horizon grows (my thoughts)

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I spread my wings and the horizon grows (my thoughts)

I step out of my shell further.  As time passes , sometimes fleeting glimpses and sometimes so slowly,  but I know I am still moving.  Obstacles laid before me, ever towering, ever growing.  Just waiting for me to crumble.   Waiting for  that plunge into the abyss in which light shall not escape as if I myself were being swept into a black hole.  So far I have fallen, But now..... Now I began to rise.  I ascend slowly , yet surely .   A breath of fresh air.   Something inside me has deeply awakened.  I feel it now.  It gives me lift.  When once I saw blackness , now light congeals rays of color seeming so solid, I can reach out and touch them.  And I know now, this is it .... My LIFE,  My voice,  too long had I let it become silenced , but I have allowed my mind to wander and what I am finding is that there are no limitations except those which I hinder unto myself.   I have come to realize I have wings, not in the sense of actual wings, no something more grand then that.  And yes there are things more grand.
  The wings of my mind I now fly with .  And I am soaring.  What I have come to also realize is that the more my wings soar the more the horizon expands.    As just as the mind has no limits nor does its capabilities.  So I am streaming now.  Streaming out and beyond what I once thought I was bound to.   And a new chapter in my life begans.  I know not where it shall take me , so I will have to ride along the journey of life and find out . .......................      I spread my wings.............. The horizon grows...............
First blog of my thoughts of many to expand as does my journey (5-14-2010)
-Night Shadow

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