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I spread my wings and the horizon grows (my thoughts)

I step out of my shell further.  As time passes , sometimes fleeting glimpses and sometimes so slowly,  but I know I am still moving.  Obstacles laid before me, ever towering, ever growing.  Just waiting for me to crumble.   Waiting for  that plunge into the abyss in which light shall not escape as if I myself were being swept into a black hole.  So far I have fallen, But now.....

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A glimpse through my eyes

Hello To All,
I am  a free style poet , writer and photographer.  My inspiration is LIFE.  I see the world in flowing color and my writing reflects every shade of every degree, from the lightest and brightest to the richest and darkest of hues.  Poetry is my passion along with photography. I have found a way to collaborate my two passions and fused them together. 


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