One poem. 
A single line
Arrests a listener
Or kills its author,
Lost to
Time’s flinty way
Rehabilitating one day

We Are Irish

We Are Irish
Our mouths
Are watering
To make words:
            We are Irish.
Pry open

For Seamus Heaney, August 30, 2013 Big Bear City, CA

For Seamus Heaney, August 30, 2013 Big Bear City, CA
The rain today
breathes its tears
and gently falls
to mark your passing.

A Disciple's Creed

A Disciple’s Creed                                               
I believe in you
Who have gone
Before me.
I believe in the
Power of the life

Masquerade a La Belle Époque

Masquerade a La Belle Époque
We remember you 
from gaslight days and
your industrial mates.
You scooped unwanted 

A Visit (After Javier Sicilia)

A Visit (After Javier Sicilia)
I cannot go
anywhere anymore,
say maybe
to visit the poet
and talk of love.

Karma (After Daniil Kharms)

Karma (After Daniil Kharms)
built of absolutes
fall backward in time
upon his poet pen,
hungry to create
starving in

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Raped, disenfranchised
Impaled by my father
Raptured by a dysfunctional mother
Calm as a wildfire
Peacefully warmed up by lava I was

Easy Come...

Easy Come…
I remember Sundays
In between dishes
And The Times:
Listening at the sink 
To the pages he turns 
To sort out his place

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Went to a place called Eden
Resting beyond where all the winds bend

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Kiss by the Abyss

So you say I’m coarse
Well, you yourself harangue
You lie, and your lies are hairy

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In memory of Robert Lee Frost 

There are not words enough, 
To deeply say or yet express 
What comes to mind and know 
For my poem says it's best 
About my fellow poet. 
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Jazz Life


When Miles blows his horn.... 
When Miles blows his horn he soothes me 
That savage beast within you see 
And all of a sudden my life is re-born. 

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Freedom Cry

in memory of the children of South Africa 

Lifted out of the ashes and into a river of hope 
A river of joy 
A river of peace. 


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