Terms of Use

iExile.com takes pride in keeping its user’s information private and not sharing it with any third party. However, there are services which, in order to use require the user to share their info but we always provide it as an option not as a requirement (ex. Signing with ‘facebook’, sharing on ‘tweeter’ etc.).
We spent a great deal of time assuring that your personal information stays private from the prying eyes and is not shared unless you chose otherwise.
All content published on www.iExile.com belongs to the user who posted it therefore you must own the copyright of the material (media, verses, stories etc.) you post. We might use material posted on iExile.com (in part or entirely) for marketing purposes only.
If there will be material posted by the user sold in any shape or form, then iExile will have a written contract with the respective user.
If you find copyrighted material on iExile.com, please notify us right away and we’ll take immediate action.
iExile.com is free to use. We do not charge a fee for joining the site. If anyone solicits funds to join  iExile.com, please notify us immediately.
iExile.com is intended to be a venue for people to express their views and creativity and we do not censor in any form. We like freedom of speech.
We retain the right to cancel, ban or otherwise block access to iExile.com for users who abuse their prerogatives. We take great care in assuring that only spam users are blocked but if you think that your account of erroneously canceled, please notify us.
In order to post on iExile.com you must be a registered user. It’s easy and free. We are eager to see your creativity.