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Don't matter you are not here!
Somewhere in the room
Your memories are hidden
As a gift of loneliness
Waiting to be guided
Through the gates of wish.
I sense them on the corner
Of my desk,
Afraid of my reactions,
Shivering under your absence,
Embarrassed and distant.
Gently, my hands caress them
Like touching your breasts,
Lay them on my pillow
And give them a good sleep
Of remembrance.
I wish to be told
How your steps in the sun were
And I wish to forget
The killer time, frozen now
Between present and future.
I am still alive,
Sick and empty,
Looking at the walls
Without seeing anything but white;
No shadows and no colors,
No symbols and no steps forward.
Just an empty white
Falling on me
Heavy and senseless.
I can't do anything to stop it
So I open myself
Like water lilies in their 
Sunset solitude.
Maybe my dry petals
Will someday rest in one of your
Silver bowls of memories,
Or maybe, you'll be back in time
To cover me with
Healing water.

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