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My mind got tired chasing trendy ghosts
And everything looks so absurd to me,
Today without a sense becomes a lost
Tomorrow, when the dream will cease to be.
More days that pass move nothing but my fears
And all it seems the same, without the luck,
I wonder if the stars mirror my tears
Uncovering with shine the greatest mock.
All beauty's hidden like a mortal sin
By pregnant idols that expect to die,
It's nonsense to reveal yourself as clean
When dirtiness protects their shameful lie.
My time is passing by and I can't tell
What running fairy-tale mine is to keep,
Child forever longing for a bell
That rings and sweetly brings him back to sleep.
All that I want is close my eyes and wait
To find in dreams the answer to my quest,
Is life for me or not a precious maid?
Am I entitled there or not to rest?

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