Bride for Hire

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I was out west – Tucson
Met a girl full of brawn
I stepped onto her board
I’m hers now, I’m her pawn
She danced for me till dawn
Mentioned a guy named Sean
With whom, she was, well...  bored?
Closed my eyes, she wasn’t gone
God, her crotch... landscaped lawn
Singing a song... a swan
I’m a knight, I’ve a sword
We’ve no curtains to drawn
We drank till daylight spawned
She was black, brunette, blonde
She said... me she adored...
In my head... we’ll abscond
She might have called me John
Or was it Genghis Khan?
No! I had been her mark!
A game it was!  A con!
Of what was I so fond?
She knew I wasn’t James Bond
She’s good! Needs an award
I wrote... She didn’t respond
I once drank in her pond
I had a magic wand
I wrote her songs, rhymes, chords
She did not correspond
Black swan, far gone hard-on
Bygone, gone by, bygone
Come on, hang on... Foregone?
My handle is not John...
Or Khan... or even Sean
And certainly not Bond
I answer just by... Don

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