Close your Eyes

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You close your eyes, look at the ground
Where the clowns sprinkled the clouds with glitter
Your ears are keen, head on her mound
Feel her pulse, read her verse, sniff her, sip her
Her eyes are loud; around, no sound
Hold, embrace, bring her closer, nearer
You see her back, the world is round
Steal her face, trap it in a mirror
In a sea of dense glimpses you’ve drowned
The mermaid swims in an ocean of liquor
She responds to love, your mind confounds
She disperses lust, you are not a vicar
Her skin is deep; her hands, profound
She’s ten feet tall, her navel flickers
She makes you king, she has you crowned
Is she the one? She dons no knickers  
Your mind she’s tied; her hair, unbound
She’s under your skin, you long to strip her
Her eyes are clear; her wrapping, browned
Your loud heart is jacked; she is the ripper

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