Cold Hearts

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sitting here in desperation
gazing down from my apartment window in the sky
waiting for the world to calm my frustration 
waiting for humanity to hit a moral bull’s eye
all the words that I know get stuck in my throat 
my mind is blown, my stomach is sick
when the privileged and self righteous stomp around and gloat 
we’ve lost all control, like a child on a pogo stick 
it seems to me, there are few that are genuine 
so many walk with their nose in the air
believing their very existence is our medicine
believing their thoughts are the only ones that are fair 
people are trained to be cold 
built up like snowmen 
our hearts should be made of gold 
but instead they are frozen 
bitter and mean to those we’re meant to love 
flames burn, tears fall, bruises welt
I see the torch that you take a hold of 
let’s heat the world with love, soon our frozen bodies will melt
lies upon lies are told to my face 
by the people I considered my friends 
running in circles like a rat race 
someday you will trip on your own shoe lace 
and your destruction to this world will end 
people like you give me motivation to succeed 
to stand up and kick ass
to embrace the world at full speed 
and to open the eyes of the so called “first class” 
who are living in a distorted dream
making good hearted people second guess their morals 
tearing the silver lining from the seams 
and turning every good conversation into a quarrel 
you are not larger than the Universe 
this is not time for your closeup
no, you’re not the ruler
you are only an intruder 
who is no greater than lucifer
coming up from the ground
tearing good people down 
let’s change, let’s change 
one step at a time
if we can step away from the firing range 
we may clean away the slime that’s infected your brain 
we can be good
in fact we can be great 
by caring for others instead of violence and hate 
we build buildings one brick at a time
up and up until they scrape the sky 
if we stick together like the bricks we climb
there will be no need to backstab and lie 
most times it seems impossible to get through to the entitled 
I give all I have, asking nothing in return
yet, your only concern is still your own survival 
I will continue trying until you truly learn
how to be a decent human being 
I will write from my window in the sky 
doing more than just sightseeing 
but working for all to stand side by side

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