Dark Clouds Dancing

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 Worlds clash from yesterday
Predatory minds undermining the innocence
Sacred vows wished away

Battlefields of who is right and who is wrong
Divides my belief 
Who is deserving of rights to live for long.

Conflicting evidence 
Vile utterings of the mouth
Emotional hearts completely spent

Searching, waiting, taking the heat
Condemnation, class orientation
Condescending minds never thinking defeat
Excrement of self appointed decision makers
Unfolds before hidden doors of the inner rooms
Masses remain blinded by who they believe are not the takers.

Unseen weight around your neck
Deserving of nothing less
Royal treatment of drowning souls, always some one else's wreck

Grey skies from a distance begin to rumble
Taking yourselves as more than you really are
As innocent lives begin to tumble

Lost children cry in the night
As you laugh at how we crumble
The art of war is my new fight

Hysteria of the vulnerable 
Lapping it up like a mad dog
We are left to weep and stumble

Black skies are moving over, quickly advancing
Your day of reckoning, no forgiveness for you
On your grave we will be dancing.

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beautiful craft you wield with your pen :)    hello to you I am new here and would like to introduce myself  ~Night Shadow

dark clouds

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thank you very much for the compliment..i joined your facebook group, looking forward to reading yours as well.  


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