Deeply Awakened

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By: Miranda Renee

Up in the dark green tree I know,
Where all the branches seem to flow,
Something beneath me awaits to be unearthed.

Before I let the door slowly close,
It has always been my actions I have chose,
To the maker of my own resolutions.

Near the window, I hear as it calls.
An enchanting voice ...whispers down the hall.
In my bedroom, sitting quietly, I listen.
 I follow it out into the sky.
Where in the clouds the sun is shy.
And I wait for that moment of reason.

In my heart I have bared the pain.
Yet my soul shall bare no shame.
Something inside me deeply awakens.

Uprooting intensely from the ground,
It makes my heart beat fast and start to pound.
Now it is waiting for me to follow.....

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