In the still of night

I find my solace

Black cat purring against my feet

Shadows from lampposts

Bleeding in and out


Here, hear; only  quiet

Humming world in dreams

Before the buzzing

Of cigarette smoke

And disillusionment 


I am but an illusion

A ghost within chainsmoke

A joke within a bible

For this god you speak of

It must have manners


What has he in bulging belly

Winded lung and lazy stride

Immoral monster

With a smile

For this must be a fuck up


And the audience laughs on cue

Genetic tracings at mamas feet

Might excuse my existence

But I cannot

I'm intolerant of puntifications


What I would do to feel again

Even something bleak

Sand within my eye

The whys are slippery at this point

And I hate the winter.




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