Drunk, Sinking

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I once drank wine so sweet
My heart sighed, filled, replete
Happily the town drunk
For well over a year
Sinking in sweet quicksand
Sunk in the wellness here
And I loved to love you
Your gaze, never tired of
And yet I prized that less
Than loved to be your love
I was sure lost for good
Drunk on the need t’ be near
Her smile pokes in the door
Sheer times – at last I see ’er
TV watching me tonight
Movement, yes, yet empty now
It is mute but not muted
It is time I take my bow
Today, I hate to love you
The curtain’s dropped like a gown
The queen stands
The king is down
It inebriated me
For many, many a year
Sunk in wellness, wine, scotch, beer
Drunk -- oh, the need to be near
The curtain’s a dropped gown
The queen stands haughtily
The fucking king
Is down

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