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Went to a place called Eden
Resting beyond where all the winds bend
Searching for things bold, beaten
Seeking what I could not comprehend
I came upon the most exquisite garden
A blued rose stood out from this enchanting nest
Caught is my eye, sweet lock up, sweetest warden
I committed no crime, to all I confessed
She whispered she would never change
But she did, of course, as all flowers do
Sound hearts collapse, safe minds derange
Colors thrive in a garden, no room for rue
Was the rose not true to her vow?
Raindrops are gentle, they can devastate
To see the unseen one must plough
Truth’s weight’s easy to underestimate
"I’ll never be that which you once knew again"
She whispered at the top of her lungs
"Leave me where you found me, to myself germane
And Eden you must leave, heed all tongues"
As I left Eden, I brought the blued rose along
The way back elsewhere was lethargic, lengthy
And I walked much, and the much walking made me strong
The blued rose’s shadow didn’t follow, it stayed behind
A dark silhouette on the garden’s soil
The blued rose shades on me still, I smile, and respond in kind

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