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Ambiguity that grips
Is the fearlessness that gives strength
Reigns that restrain are
The wings that send me in flight

This paradox of self perplexes
Yet it keeps me in perspective
Ardor fills my core 
Yet braces my trepidation, that I not dare.

Capacities to be disengaged & unleashed
What flood of emotions would spring
Where would my own storm take me?
It torments me so that i continue to care
The fear of being swept away
Unleashed power leads to questions 
Ability to fly as I want to reach
and be set free and confront life

Heart constantly strives to find an open door
To let flow, yet not be aloof
Discovering the certainty of love
Reality of truth

The enigma I battle with will lead to a release
Perplexities that obstruct my view
Fighting to remain aloft
Consternation of courage however brief.

If only this storm within would calm
This paradox of life, would give me a release
I would be lost, no longer taken in flight
By the storm that guides me.

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