The Fairy Encounter

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Stories of a fairy fort
That were told around the camp fire
Blazing in the summer nights
Set aflame fear in Dan's heart
Dan was but a boy of nine
Too young to know and too young to question
Overpowered by imagination
Struck with a sense of fascination
Listening to grandpa tell a story
About one scary fairy creature
Who took revenge on some poor soul
That chanced upon it's pixie home
When suddenly there came, as if from nowhere
A spark of light upon the sky
To gently dance upon the trees
Then descend over the fire
The little light circled each, one by one
Grandpa, grandma, father, mom
Eventually to rest upon
The shoulder of sleepy little Dan
Dan stared at it in shock and horror
Awed by sparkling body and wings
Then it whispered in his ear
Telling him to 'come with me'
Suddenly, Dan looked at grandpa
As he said those final words... 
'come with me' had said he and not the pixie
It had been but just a dream

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