Faultine of my Universe

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By : Miranda Renee

Stepping over the faultline crack,
like egg shells underneath,
Quietly breaking tiny bits,
Of my molecules beneath.

Like a rollar coaster, That's stopped moving,
But gravity is gone.
Waiting helpless for maintenance,
There's no one that can come.

Oriented day to night,
Light blue ...to the darkest of hue,
Out in the open rotating around,
For my time to go on que.

Making waves of motion into space,
Through the fabric of time,
I will reasemble all the loops,
To form a little line.

I'm an explosion expanding outward,
As I collapse within,
I'm an ageless notion, covered in emotion
On my axis I spin.

Derailing off the track,
As I go ahead,
Racing fleeting moments ,
That have always lead.

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