The Fog of 11/03/09

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after work
family intercourse
the fog began to descend in the fall
the street was clear, the sky started to blur as a hope
the murkiness kept dripping until the wife beater across the street
turned into a sound
it came through my window into the kitchen
enveloped my immediate sight
I thought I could escape
the smoke I exhaled felt like home
on the stairwell was clear
I returned into the kitchen, into the unsight
I could've been spotted
the fog of my surroundings is not universal
the roundness is unflat
until then
I conceal the existance in my L.A. Kitcken
like the deathrow inmate hiding in the cell.

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Hello Jaia,  I don't know how to describe the intensity that creeps over me reading your words.   I feel a darkness in it that compels me .  It feels so raw to me.  I am new here and although I have introduced myself to you already on FB am also introducing myself here .

Hello Night Shadow

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Once again, I'm very late with the reply - I was helping with the site - I  thank you for your comment and, even though I read all your poems, I'm ashamed I haven't posted a comment yet - I promise I will ...

Thank you and Welcome to iExile!!!


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