Fragile Ebb

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Sheltering oneself
For a sense of protection
A universe of life's gifts
Have been forsaken.

Accept if you will my threadbare state
Delicate thoughts easily burned
Losses revisit, perpetual to date.
From an unbroken stream that churned.

Memory tarnished by time & space
The bitter pill of false hopes
Thoughts at times varnished in place
By hope & expectation deterred

Seeking, making sense of what I cannot see
Recoiling, the serpent of doubt surfaces
Severing its ugly head
Rid me please of fear & dread.
Forgive me please if at times I regress
To a former place devoid of absolutes & tenderness
A place that was my sanctuary 
For too long I had tread water in that place.

Fragile hearts & minds
Giving all I have to heal your pain.
Give me time
There is so much to gain. 

Barbed wire walls released
Like a shadow of light
I hear your calls
Reliance no longer left for dead

Relinquished in time
Capacity to impart was broken
Regressed hands tremble 
Sweeping me up you pull me in.

Intense intrusions strike a nerve
Finding myself continually reaching for you
Blending hearts a challenging curve
Broken hands will act of their own accord

Intentional words 
Snaps barb wired walls as mere threads
My fragile mind braces itself
For an all encompassing heart, bled.

Your keys have unlocked my door
Persistence crosses my threshold
I remember now
What it means to want more

Lines of time forging ahead
Auras of light spun as a web
You carry me to you 
On this fragile ebb.

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