The Good Days

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Today’s a happier day, it’s brighter
Don’t mind the rapier’s sway, don’t fight ‘er
I get up, I go out, I get it done
I do this, I do that, and I do one
The day – it just calls for things simpler
It may yield to a less sick liver
My foot’s aloft, my chin is held high
Who needs Zoloft, I feel like a pie
Tomorrow, who knows, may be different
I will face my foes, be belligerent
No rhyme, no refrain, won’t be oh so terse
I’ll be one again with the universe
And to bed again, and again a new day dawns
Maybe to life bane, but again you show your brawns
Brother says it is not easy; this has never been the case
Bring it – hell, she was so breezy – and behold the lovely face
Living is akin to bookmaking, make no mistake
Readying for the undertaking, your odds you shape
And life doesn’t stop -- the show must go on
You do the be-bop, your best suit you don

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