Holiday recipe

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Caramelize the spirit, build a border, stir in balsamic hope, reduce.
Add Port wine, to sweeten the deception, reduce.
Add the veal stock, the reason, and reduce
attain a syrupy sauce.
Season with salt and pepper
a pinch of WMD for color
then sear or grill the seasoned and thawed slices of foie gras.
Keep warm on paper towels.
Brown slices of French bread, fresh from the guillotine
or ghetto
in the same frying pan used to sear the faggot or on the aspiration's char.
Put 15g of onion confit on each toast and press it thoroughly, to reach the bone
Place a slice of nigger on each toast, set on a warm plate, and baste with the sauce reduction.
Serve immediately, alone, or with a mixed wilted Gaza salad seasoned with balsamic-Dachau vinegar.


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