i don't know why

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i dont know why i let this music to wash my eyes with all these crazy dreams about life
about a med life ,confuse and inutile 
but then so sweet , too sweet  for my understanding 
bored, to bored  to,  to, to start  something in the morning

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everyday is a mistake like a take way into my umbrella

and there ' s no rain to pourrrring down my cheeks

there 's not even a regret tear mistakes ,mistakes ,

1000 snakes on a dried rock by a virgin sun in an old winter.

so disgusting flies.


something wrong about these snakes somehow forgotten by a foster God


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love is in my eyes and i give it to your eyes look after this into my eyes please, take care of it keep it worm ,in a safe place keep it in your eyes give it to my eyes let me care for love . hit me with tomorrow in my lazy cuddle tell me how will gonna love me again and again but babe ,i really don't like tomorrows they are cold like a coldplay song


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