ThE LeTtEr E

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I tripped into the abyss
Yes, you had me at hello and the letter "e"
The path of least resistance
Was it meant to be?
The years wasted in our youth
If you only knew what this means to me
The anticipation of your touch
The sound of your voice along the airwaves,
sustains me, quenches my desires, only for a moment
I can't have you here and now
I see no way out of this, falling deeper
Cup my face and tell me it's so
Are you a figment an illusion, or of human flesh?
Only fish can swim upstream
I go with the tide and wait for your lead
You had me at hello
You had me at hello
Promise you won't go, not yet, just a bit more time
To feel your sweet lips on the nape of my neck
Hands touring every inch of my body
Tasting the fluids of our tryst
Yes I can hear you say hello, even in my abyss

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