For Margaret

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Today my heart ached
However, no, I did not cry
I was pleased to know
I own the kind power to die
My bare skin once draped
Now see the might the words belie
Darkly sunshine glow
Not to wed the one sans black tie
Just yesterday my heart smiled
And yes, I hereby allow, I did cry
I was truly pleased to know
I owned the marvelous power to fly
Man is more fragile than child
The mind is a kite; the breast, a bonsai
Silently the blue bird crowed
And promptly took flight toward the vast red sky
In between yesterday and today
I still softly cradle your heart
The mark of passion is spent and frayed
But there is wisdom to impart
It seems like a long time has gone by
It feels like a minute ago
Yet I’m unwise and don’t want to pry
And instead open a Bordeaux

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