My Venus

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we can say there is " a time for happiness", we can say there is " a time for forgiveness",

we can say many things about this...

time may or may not be on our side... we will certainly see... since time is merely a concept,

if a concept is able to take sides then my ear is able to see...


an expression or idea that has beacome trite...


an expression through which constant use has become meaningless ...

but we have not become meaningless

in fact we have grown strong

looking into your eyes can make me waiver

stumbling upon my words i flutter into a state of collapsed comprehension

seeing only you

deep connecitvity

when you are gone my experience of the day is dulled

sometimes i hang on every word which exits your lips

i seek your gaze.... like a sunflower will twist itself around to follow the star

but when we embrace... energy flows up through the earth into my heart

breaking my walls

they were built so high... seemed so strong

yet oh so brittle

stepping onto pale brick shales we tread where we should not

into quagmires of taboo

actions which perceived from afar may be judged harshly

yet it continues... despite the jump and hiccup of desire and lust

but your kiss and your touch tame me

into a hyper extended state of euphoria.... nirvana

writhing me... the caress and the sight of your beauty 

the knowledge of you

makes me turn inwards into myself and you

and there i find a calmness... a deep breath before the storm

the ocean sucking out into the sea before the giant wave crashes

there... floating i glance up into the sky

waiting to be rescued

flares spinning into the dark

there... i see Venus shining brightly... our sister planet cruising through space

brighter than all stars in the heavens

she is smiling upon us... and I know this

for we are becoming one... together... ensemble

now is when my eyes begin to draw to a close.... tiny slits see more

then you must appear to me... smoky... as if through a sheer fabric strewn across the sea

for what you have asked i have delivered

and my hopefulness 

may bring a grin 

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