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Sun, sun, you shine so bright,
Lighting all the people's lives,
Oh so warmly with your glow,
All of a sunny Summertime.
Moon, moon, you reflect the light,
Casting it over people's homes,
Guiding people who travel at that time,
All of a shady Winter night.
Stars, stars, you twinkle with charm,
Like little candles you do glow,
Decorating all the sky,
For the delight of people's eyes.
Oh, oh, what a sight!
All of a crispy Autumn night!
Clouds, clouds, you darken the sky,
With your heavy puffs of steam,
Let it rain down upon all people's crops,
All of a sprinkling Springtime.
Clouds, you scatter all around,
Sun, you break through with abound,
Sending 'glow' light to the moon,
Who, with the stars, alight the sky in dimness.
All of these happen either day or night,
According to their nature.

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