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brief glances
whipping eyes
this thing has rolled over
notice the screetching sounds it has created
in you
also in me
now I feel the pinch in my bones and the twitch in my thought much less
for I am distracted
away goes the Way
the deeeper I breathe the louder I become
exhalation may be frightening unless you conceive the source
conception and perception rely
upon what the empirist may ask?
well... it's point of view my friend
how do you describe your existence?
from where you have placed yourself
if I may be so bold
i am not SO bold
now the things that have been said will not be un-said
their meanings may have diminished
in "fact"
mea culpa
of what?
such remains to be seen for others outside seek to place blame
I will remember the good
the good has taught me very much about my mind
the glances have briefened
the eyes seek other angles
avoidance has become the theme
Oh what a mundane theme it is
it lacks merit
this thing has rolled over onto itself
my expression is stunted...almost blank
relief may come through flow
flowing eyes and turning words into thoughts and vice versa
a theme for the worst
pushed aside so inocuously has beaten my brow into itself
obsequiousness displayed is confounding to me
but not unexpected
thus is the chant
it has always been evident...before me displaying the facts
but brief glances
and whipping eyes
have blinded my ears to the sight of screetching touches

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I feel this deep inside.  Hi, I am new here and introducing myself

been awhile

Brad, do u ever come here anymore? If not then where? It's Rachel, from CA, many years ago...


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