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That old dark room that lay partially forgotten,
Forgotten from mind not forgotten from memory,
Memory that if remembered left feelings of loss,
Loss of a life treasured in the midst of the past,
Past as with all things that come to pass in many years,
Years that were at first filled with longing and sorrowing,
Sorrowing that gradually eased the flow of the droplets of tears,
Tears that once dropped filled a stream that made a river,
River of tears flowing slowly yet constantly carrying away dreams, 
Dreams of a cherished life time and peaceful innocence,
Innocence tarnished over time and events of life,
Life that's worth living yet sometimes unforgiving,
Unforgiving of that which has come to happen,
Happen to all that fate has chosen for the calling,
Calling that once seemed so real yet has faded and gone,
Gone to it's last destination in an old dark room.

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