Pale Morning Dawn

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Pale Morning Dawn
The Golden Aspen Leaves of Fall shimmer in the sun
their bright gold silhouette along with the Pale Morning Dun
Dancing on the liquid tension of a high sierra lake
The fisherman stands anxiously awaiting this day's take
He preps his line, secures a fly and with him by his side
His SOUL spectator, greatest fan, his companion and bride
He makes his cast, a ripple forms, the game has just begun
The imposter fly floats amidst the Pale Morning Dun
A native Brown accepts the ruse, tension has been broken
Both fisherman and wife react, they're thankful for this token
The fish goes left, the rod tip right
A lovely waltz of fish and might
The reel's buzz the water's splash
Reactions to the large brown's dash
A union of Man, Line and Fish forms patterns on the liquid dish
A spirograph of H2O
The geometric patterns show
The fish grows tires, he draws quite near, shadows in the depth appear
Both man and wife are quite ecstatic
As trout meets net, his moves erratic
All eyes converge Lens, Trout, Man, Wife
A photo snapped, a memory of beauty and life
As the fine-finned body returns to water the take has turned to borrow
The fishermas says to his bride, "He'll rise again tomorrow."

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