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Flashes of memory
Return to me when
False illusions feed my bad dreams,
But the next morning
I refuse to remember.
I send them away
Retaliating their disturbance
With the light of my new open eyes.
If I dream wonders
My drama begins as well.
I can't keep their memory
Beyond the routine of nightly rest.
They vanish under
My conscience's resilience
When I really think of you.
I need your eyes
Facing mine,
I need your hand
Blessing my hair
Before I fall asleep
Letting go my memory
Of you.
In my life's puzzle
The main piece is missing;
The portrait
Can't be finished
Without the real you.
I beg the model look at me,
Smile, and be my Mona Lisa.
I need your returns
How Michelangelo cried
For his dream
Of marble,
Giving life
To David
And his brilliant nakedness.
Just don't make me be another relic
Of your soul museum.
Instead, help me lift
The complicated blocks
Of added memories
For the sake of

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