A Poem About Poetry By A Poet

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Poets and poetry are like script is to paper - 
One is fit for use by the other;
Script and paper go hand in hand - 
For expression in-depth, and words to perfect.
Those artists have visions - 
Out of which they compose,
Stories and lessons - 
With inspiration and purpose.
Poets are storytellers - 
Of the synchronizing nature;
To give a lesson in life,
To entertain and allure.
Whether sonnets, ballads,
Or rhyme, or verse;
It all comes down to - 
One's personal tastes.
Poets portray - family, travellers,
The rich and the poor,
The flora and the fauna,
And all that inspire.
Those lyricists create, with the use of technique:
The Paronym... Homonym...
Retronym... plus Antonym...
And, last but not least - Synonym... and Eponym.
Poets love poetry and love what they do - 
And are drawn to their craft to let the words flow;
As paper and ink come together,
To be the link to the soliloquy.

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