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I feel that it's time for something positive
But do many positive moments feel bitter sweet?
Perhaps it's time to acknowledge
The gratefulness and joy we tend to leave in the back seat
For instance, the beauty of the sky
And the shapes the clouds take
Some say the clouds cry
I say; large lakes they create
There is also such beauty in children
When they're born, they scream and tears fall from their eyes
But with each day they grow and learn
Showing us that there's beauty in the simple things in life
Like a blade of grass that can be used as a toy
Placing it between your thumbs
You remember what it's like to feel such joy
From a simple whistle, with the air that has filled your lungs
Though, as we grow older it is not as easy to stay positive
We tend to pity ourselves
Forgetting that we have only one life to live
Displaying our sorrow on countless metaphorical shelves
Some suffer of illness
My mother conquered a brain tumor
She never showed weakness
In that case, she defeated it with honor and good humor
Perhaps we should follow her example
Feeding the Universe with positive energy
So that it may come back to us in ways that are ample
Creating opportunity and infinite synergy  

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