A Prayer in the Dark

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By: Miranda Renee

My eyes always hide my sorrow.
I ask Mr.Clock if I can have some more time to borrow.
...He always says "no" .
He always tells me I've got some other place to go.
And I know.

So I tread softly out in the open.
Because inside I have always been closed off and broken.
My heart beats a soft little tune.
Like the beat of a drum nearing impending doom.
Life has not always been my friend.
That's okay, I guess I understand.
After all it is all apart of some bigger plan.
I tick- tock quietly.
So as not to be exposed.

I always did what they said I was supposed.
Not anymore that string is broken.
As I murmur all the hidden words unspoken.
Don't put your faith in me, I fear.
All my faults roll down like trickling tears.
Down my cheeks.
Off a mountain they slide.
Trying to collapse in the little hole in which I hide.
All my life, I've been held against my will to my dismay.
Not anymore, No because I've still got something to say.
Every evening in which I say goodbye to the day.
Keep me out of this darkness I will pray.

Give me strength to shine on anyway.

Please don't take me yet, no not this way.

Please, I've still got something important to say.

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