Pushing on Tempered Glass

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(Into the Night Shadow's part 1 )

By: Miranda Renee

This is the day,
So I better write it down,
When I lost my way,
Buried in my shallow grave I found.

Tempered glass,
Is what I lay upon,
Push to hard,
Underneath me it will be gone.

Shackeld heart,
Reaches out to touch the light,
To far away,
That was the day I lost my sight.

Now I stumble,
Over sharp edges,
That you gave to me,
Don't look back now, there's nothing left for you to see.

But I shall only waste away,
In the memories that came to be,
I shall only fall as hard,
As my wings don't carry me.

Were you there?
The day I started to fall.
When you pushed me over,
You never answered my call.

Unbury the remnants,
That cover over me,
These were my gifts,
That you disposed on top of me.

Then I knew,
You left me there for dead.
So retracting inward,
Into the Night Shadow is where I fled.

Now lay me down,
I need a place to rest my head.
On tempered glass,
That is the place I make my bed.

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