Reflection of a Dream

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Out of the darkness of my dream,
The flash of a light beam,
You appeared before my eyes.
That was a sign in my life,
To know that I will be alright.
All my pleads and my cries,
Were answered by the sparkle in your eyes.
Among the tears I have shed,
The layers of pain my heart has bled,
I shall carry on.
As it all became clear,
Our memories appeared.
Now I know what I've been waiting for.
Holding true to what is inside,
The light I have found,
I shall never let it die.
I held it up against the darkness of the sky.
Reflecting off the sparkle in your eyes.
With the warmth of your smile,
A soft embrace of energy,
Circles all around us .
Please, let me show you who I am........

As all around me fades to black ,
I can't look back.
Suddenly I wake up.
Again surrounded by the dark it seems,
Except for the reflection of my dreams.
Now I know what I've been waiting for .

*** In Memory of Leola Richardson (1925-2008) ***
(I feel you with me )

Written and belongs to: © Night Shadow 2010 (Miranda Renee)

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