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I have a secret

known only to two

for us it is sacred

not to be defiled by others with bad intentions

this thing binds us together


what a funny coinicidence the word brings

even though it is but a symbol followed by another

the ignorant one will not understand

not to say the ignorant one is lacking intelligence

just that he/she/it has not been offered the proper information

I have a secret

remember how secrets empowered you?

in youth?

"I know this but you don't know that..."

in life it is not the same

for life and youth converge into a state of coalescence

to coalesce is to unite and merge

with an almost refractive shining quality

many times I stay myself, balancing upwards

flip the gravity of it and you may perceive a new film

as the films budge and grunt against one another a universe is blown into thought

I have a secret

but maybe it is not as such

perhaps this conception is flawed

for a secret between two is no longer thus

the idea is passed along through speech and walk and glance and touch


full meaning is known only to you and I

so what is the judgment?

this is left up to us

as it should


I have a secret

and so do You

whoever you may be, in any state of being

treasure this knowledge and revel in it

for this reason alone:

You are the one who must live with You

even when alone you are not

even with another you are not

the "another" will be cast aside without effort

and what is left?


You know

I have a secret

so do You

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love it

Great poem, mr. Hislop... I'm glad the site is back up


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