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I am a woman of 65 years - 
I have lived a life of regret and tears;
I spend my days in a 'dream-like' state - 
Wondering about 'what if's', and 'what's gone to waste.'
My first memory is as a child of four - 
That was when my father departed this world; 
I cannot express how much that grieved me - 
I never wanted him to leave me.
Then I and my mother were all I had - 
We worked the horses and toiled the land;
For many years we stood side by side - 
Through illness, hardship and strife.
My mother despaired about my future - 
All through my 20's she watched me struggle and suffer;
In the battle of love and desire - 
My luck in this area of life was terribly dire.
In my thirties I became married - 
To a man that my mother had chosen;
Althouh he had seemed like my perfect crutch - 
The man was a brute and he hurt me so much.
I have been loyal to him through all of the years - 
My children have my love and they are my blessings;
They have been the strength that I needed - 
In times of trouble and warnings not heeded.
So although I worry and despair - 
About times lost and times of woe; 
I also remember the 'silver lining' - 
That is within every cloud, shining.

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