Snow in the Summer

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In her spring I met her
Loved her in her summer
Her leaves didn’t see falling
The swan sang, cold, mourning
I met her late in her spring
Forget-me-nots lakeside
Easy choice, to be her king
She’s Bonnie, me, her Clyde
Her summer, love we made
She comes, her heels, her thighs
Long dark hair, love we braid
No pretense, no disguise
Getting chilly, leaves fall
Trees are now turning bare
In the past now, the ball
It can’t be so -- compare
The swan sang last morning
Myself by the wayside
I’m in my head, calling
I’m Jekyll, I don’t hide
I heard the birds of March
By June the heat took wing
September came, démarche
Cold now, but not by spring

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