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Marooned on an island of duplicity
Cast away for seeking truth
Final revelation lead to an ultimate destruction

Searching for those who would believe
Kneeling before oppressors
Scoffing at the plea of the innocent

Imploringly reaching, quietly asking
Relinquished as something of no value
Seeking some credence for what I wish to tell you
Totalitarian thinking, perceptions of the female race
Undermining the need for help
Sabotage of young lives, there for the taking

Mother and child, double crossed
Asking of our own blood, betrayed again
Take me at my word all hope has been lost

Spilling, telling, looking for support
Relinquished at the hands of 
A master of retort.

Falling away, floating, drifting,
Enforcers of tradition 
Refuse to give protection

Forsaken by authoritarians
Abandoned by flesh and blood
Fallen, through the cracks of doubt.

Deception has been our stepping stone
Disaffection we have seen yet never understood
Subversion has become our home.

Confirmation, legalization
Eradicates past subjugation
Singlehandedly you have rebuilt a re-creation.

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