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I delight in the beauty of a sunset sparkle,
Across a peaceful endless ocean,
The breeze creating tiny waves,
That shimmer in the dying light.
The smell of the salted water,
The cool and balmy ocean breeze,
Dancing over the aquatic surface,
Carrying refreshing and healing scent.
 I walk toward the ocean front,
I skip across the waves on shore,
I gradually tread into the sea,
Then, I crouch and gently bathe.
I taste the water upon my lips,
I feel the slow caressing motion,
I hear the water gently lapping,
Up upon the distant shore.
I lay my back upon the water,
I float along and gently drift,
I close my eyes and dream of nothing,
Blissful within a surreal moment.
Then, I watch the sun's goodbye,
As it reluctantly takes its leave,
Its colour illuminates the sky,
Like a magnificent and entrancing scene.

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