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The swan reflects upon the surface of the water,
As a poet contemplates their inner being and soul,
The reflection connects with the swan,
As both the inner and outer entity are one,
One image being the mirror of the other,
Yet inseparably joined until the end.
The pensive stance suggests profound thought,
As the swan sits upon the water,
Pouring ideas and dreams in an endless stream, from it's bowed head,
Into the deep depths beyond the water's surface,
As the limelight that illuminates the swan emphasizes it's elegance,
Bringing to mind the beauty of creativity and imagination at work.
The soothing and abstract, cool grey background,
Is suggestive of both surface and sky,
Hazy in the upper area... clear in the lower area...
Yet it could also be assumed to be one great pool of stillness,
As the eyes of I, the poet,
And that which they see, when they take the journey,
Into the depths, of my self deep within.
Just as a swan leaves the water and returns from time to time,
So the reflected image is hidden... until those particular moments,
When there is time to reflect...
But the swan in the background is permanently there,
In many symmetrical, blending images, like fragments of the many pictures,
That pass through the mind of I, the poet, as I create puzzles into concepts,
To pleasure and inspire.

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