Tapestry of a Rose Composed 1999

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 The Tapestry of a Rose
Threads woven, intertwined, an intimacy so delicate, so refined.
Images before me, in my minds eye, trying to comprehend this vision before me and wonder how it will be realized within me, and then outside of me.
When I am near you these threads pull harder at what is entwined among them.
There is an image of a rose, I open my minds eye and take in the scent of you.
A scent that is the texture of velvet, the scent of love.
The depth of your voice, resonates in a way that makes this rose bloom, the silky touch of something raw.
This tapestry begins to form as you open up your heart to me.
Pictures of sadness, desperation and despair to be healed and soothed yet never cured
Made bearable, almost pleasurable amongst the tapestry of realized love.
Vines will grow to any length to entwine you & carry you out of your depths of despair.
You bring with you the scent of something strong, powerful enough to move mountains
This intangible thing I try to comprehend, I try to grasp, even though it is not mine.
Winds that stir , a storm that brews, sends off visions of fire and thunder
A weave of something great, to beheld fully only when the the full picture is woven.
Colors are shining through as though I can taste completion.
I feel what goes through you as your pain were my own.
I shed tears for you and make supplications for you.
An unknown journey, carries me on a crest I ride with excitement
with vigor and as never before I choose to go with my weave,
threads that twist and turn into something only a lover's eyes can see,
because this tapestry will be made of first You, and then me.

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