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Walked under the moon
Three Thursdays ago
I looked through my eyes
Your face, touch-and-go
Sure enough, there it was
In the windowpane
I looked through your eyes now
Vain, no pain, profane
How many, I wonder
Say just how many there have been
I’m told a high number
Since you walked away from my skin
Uncertain what day it is
Standing beneath a cloudy sky
I’m so cold, it’s so hot out
Yet the light reaches my mind’s eye
Look at the stars
They are, yes, there, somewhere
Look through the clouds
Through the eyes, through the hair
No more pain, not on this end
This particular ship has sailed
Togetherness could transcend
In time we realize who failed
I’ll be under the mighty sun
Three Thursdays from now
Gone the days when I was ready
See, to take my bow
Will look up right at the king
There is too much to not find
And will look up straight ahead
Journeying’s not for the blind

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