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TRANSMIT INFO: to me... bits, bytes.. this bites... virtual teeth
RECEIVE INFO: compacted places of fluff.. brushed off words.my stance is balanced. strong core. leaking fluid. slowly...
TRANSMIT INFO: slide your touch along a smooth granite wall. twinkle is the way of this stone. crystal smock.
RECEIVE INFO: perhaps my miss will confound you. perhaps confounding will be missed.
TRANSMIT INFO:how can blood be sent through air?
Now is when the truth is transparent.
Choose what you will.
Your mind cannot change the wind which surrounds you.
And the dust thrown stings deeply.

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great 'transmission'

great stuff, bgh - have you published something? in print? this iExile.com is my new favorite... you guys are great


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the amateur does it for love. The professional does it for money. For hire, like a mercenary.


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